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We hear a lot about the “infrastructure” of our nation and needs concerning it.  I realized that, while I had a good general idea of what infrastructure was, I had never looked up the definition.  So, here it is from Dictionary.com: “1.the basic, underlying framework or features of a system or organization, 2.the fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or area,as transportation and communication  systems, power plants, and schools, 3.the military installations of a country.”  

Everyone has a personal infrastructure – whether it is one they have carefully designed, or one that has been pushed upon them.  A personal infrastructure would be the basis for approaching life.  As I looked at these three definitions – I realized that each of us needs a “spiritual infrastructure.”  Particularly for followers of Jesus Christ a spiritual infrastructure is vital.  What serves the individual as the “basic, underlying framework” of his/her life?  I believe that would be DOCTRINE- the fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith.  Those beliefs, such as the belief in salvation provided through Christ, the inerrancy and inspiration of Scripture, the hope of eternal life, and others, serve as the “framework” for all of our life.  The “fundamental facilities and systems serving” the life of a believer, I believe, are the DISCIPLINES that strengthen our life and give us purpose and direction.  Finally, on a personal level, the “military installations” we might call our DEFENSES against our enemy.  God’s Truth, prayer, the help and strength of other Christian “warriors” are all important to defend us against the enemy.

Have you deliberately designed and built your spiritual infrastructure? Or have you allowed circumstances and background, education and religion shape it for you?  Something to think about…

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