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“What a Mess!”

How many parents have walked into their child’s (or teen’s) room and had those words LEAP from their mouth.  Five thousand Lego pieces, old magazines, dirty clothes, pizza crust in a box from who knows when and…well, each of us probably has our own mental picture. And when we demand they clean it up — we often see the total bewilderment. That desperate “where do I start?” look.   I wonder if, “What a mess!” wouldn’t be the exclamation for some of our forefathers if they could see society today.  I can’t imagine the forefathers of our nation having a grasp on a national debt like we have, or a society whose education system ranked so far behind many countries, or the multiplied expectations of citizens from their government — I’m sure they’d say, “What a mess.”  I wonder what the apostles would say if they saw the condition of the modern church, with little zeal for evangelism, failing morals, constant bickering…I imagine them saying the same.  Most importantly, I wonder if God doesn’t sometimes say, “What a mess” when looking at our lives.  He did once, in Noah’s day, and decided to start over. He still starts over.  Today, when He looks at our messed up lives, He doesn’t just say, “What a mess!” — but also adds, “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” He sees the mess, but, like mothers often do, kindly offers to help clean it all up, make it orderly, and put things “to rights.”  He’ll do that for you today – no matter what the mess is.

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