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Welcome to Pastor’s Blog

 I want to start the blog on a positive note and particularly about the opportunity it presents to me as pastor. I looked at several articles about pastors and blogging…they listed from 3-9 reasons pastors should blog and were interesting. Some of those reasons I had thought about and some were new ideas, but I’ll give you my reasons for blogging. First, because I find that, although my brain has a tendency (sometimes annoying to those around me) to bounce from one idea to another.  When I write, I’m often more focused and do a better job of ordering my thoughts. I find that even as I’m writing and re-writing, ideas become more “crystallized.” Second, it is a way to take advantage of our age and share with my flock, and for any that may be interested in one more pilgrim’s progress. I hope that it will serve as a way to interact with you – bouncing ideas, thoughts, “musings” off one another. Another key reason why I’m excited about blogging is to recommend (and from time to time) warn about authors, books and other resources that can help you grow. For example, right now I’m finishing a great book by Jerry Bridges (one of my favorite authors) called, The Discipline of Grace. It is a terrific treatment of one of those sticky theological/practical issues that is so hard to balance in our walk. I’ll warn you ahead of time though, I don’t read one book all the way through before starting another – you may get a lot of potential reading thrown at you in this blog.
There are a lot of other good reasons for a pastor to blog, but for me it is mostly about getting and staying connected with people…and not just “my” people (or church) but with others. I don’t even mind a spirited exchange with someone who doesn’t believe as I do (as long as “spirited” doesn’t become mean-spirited). Hopefully, this may even give me a chance to share Christ with those who do not know Him, or fully understand who He is and what He offers. I think the Apostle Paul would be a blogger if he had the chance…he liked engaging people. So, let’s get started…comments, questions, controversies, meditations, etc. …
Pastor Mark

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